Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 24, 2009


Take into your arms, this day, the bringer of life and order. Though her final battles were bitter, they were not fought alone. A forest of squires to aid thee against certain death--to toil against for the sake of our kingdom's glory.

Almighty God, you have taken our Earthly mother away from us--to reign in Heaven with you. Today, we rest our armor and lower our faces in respect. Our focuses fall away from the chains of this mortal coil and resolve in remembrance of Heaven's newest queen. No more shall disease run rampant through easy bones. No more will the pain of our small world delicately and persistently peck at your spirits. You have risen! You are risen to prepare our beds above. May your tired vessel return to the Earth--and your love live forever in our hearts and guide us through the remainder of our journey. Godspeed our return to you. May our paths be paved with victory, humility and accreditation to the one true God.

With fortitude we pray,


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